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Tonio Sagan and Ilana Morris are "Light Sleepers"

Genre-fusing producer Tonio Sagan returns with an entrancing single titled "Light Sleepers" alongside singer Ilana Morris. "Light Sleepers" is a solid effort that sees the producer working with a handful of instrumentalists who helps add a lively feel to the track. Backed by a thick gripping guitar arrangement and solemn keys, Tonio Sagan shares a story of betrayal, failed dreams and all the drama that ensues within. The character in the story gets tangled in a web of deceit and struggles to get free of the hold the game has gotten on him. Along for the ride is vocalist Ilana Morris, who adds her own unique touch with a commanding hook on the chorus section.

Growing from a thickly accented hip-hop background, Tonio Sagan has carried the ideas and concepts of the genre with him to his latest stage of modern production and performance. Sagan seeks to implicate much more than just hip-hop inspiration though; fusing in an expansive blanket of various modern, and sometimes future electronic music techniques, his sound has become impossible to pin down to a single, encapsulating phrase.

"Light Sleepers" is a song from Tonio Sagan's self-produced Hip-Hop album 'In The Garden'. Get it on Spotify

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Hip-Hop · Rap


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