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Emerging R&B artist, K Forest releases his newest single "Silent"

The well- versed singer-songwriter, producer, and rapper K. Forest from Brampton, Ontario takes his passion for music to new levels on his latest single "Silent". 

Produced by both K. Forest and dF,  "Silent" gives off a soulful and relaxed vibe while discussing the beauty in K. Forest's lifestyle. On the track, he is transparent about preferring the finer things in life, hence lines like "Yea my ego to the ceiling. I cancel ubers if I see that it's a Kia." The sensual and smooth feeling song also highlights how much he values privacy when it comes to being with his love interest. Although this is not a typical love song with a poppy feel, "Silent" is refreshing considering the depth in K. Forest's thought process when it comes to intimacy. 

Recognizable Lyrics: 

Don't wear no suits, I don't dress to suits (yea)

I make the product and they buy it

I get them hooked, yes I get em hooked (yea)

Aye shawty, Let's go somewhere private, (private)

Off the record, this off the books (yea)

Come taste Brazil and get a thrill of California 

Bossa Nova, gourmet entrees I can show ya 

Many first found K Forest from his hit song "Guidance" which gained so much popularity that Travis Scott even sampled the track on his platinum album Bird In The Trap Sing McKnight. K-Forest's latest single  "Silent" takes r&b to a new level, meshing soulful soundscapes with trap flows over iconic hip hop sounds. The Ontario R&B artist is on the rise and his latest single hints to us that we should be paying attention to see what else he has in store for 2019.

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