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Adrian Chalifour's "Open Heart" music video features joyful drag queen performance

Just in time for Victoria, British Columbia’s Pride Week comes native Adrian Chalifour’s new music video for single “Open Heart”. It features a high energy, colourful drag performance by fellow Victoria native James “Jimbo” Insell.

“Open Heart” is Chalifour’s first release since his split from indie band Towers and Trees. After competing in the final rounds on the music-reality series THE LAUNCH, Chalifour began his solo career. The video, complete with costume changes, spectacular sequins, and bubbles, purposely reflects Chalifour’s vision for the song. He says the idea came immediately for “a video starring someone who’s an absolute burst of colour and beauty set against a grey, unyielding world”. Jimbo designed the video’s costumes and on camera delivers a spirited, joyful performance. “Open Heart” is a fast-paced single that celebrates love and the lover - a perfect theme for Pride Week. 

Connect with Adrian Chalifour: Website | Instagram | Spotify

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