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Micki Maverick thinks her love is as "Fine" as wine

Romance isn't dead, it has simply changed its shape. While some pour their hearts into an online world filled with possibilities, California native Micki Maverick chooses instead to pen one of the oldest declarations- a love letter to her longtime girlfriend in the form of her newest single, "Fine". 

"I've been with my girlfriend since we were both 17, and to say the least she has seen me through some of my darkest moments", Maverick shares. "When I met her I was a chameleon, I'd change myself slightly for whatever social situation I found myself in. I never wanted people to see the real me out of fear that I would be rejected, but there is something about her that made me feel like I didn't need to cover up and hide. She spoke up for me when others stayed silent, and she gave me all the love I needed when no one else would." 

While the sentiment may be classic, newcomer Maverick dresses it up in a modern pop production accented with R&B notes and trap kicks. Her playful vocals weave in and out of the mid-tempo beat, painting a luscious picture of loving thoughts while putting up a middle finger in the air to all the other haters. While it may not be a T.S Eliot poem, Maverick proves that writing a love letter is not a lost art, and its modern counterparts can be just as powerful and meaningful as the ones written before them. 

Maverick's debut EP is scheduled to be released this summer on July 26

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