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Sour share their infectious queer pop single "Waiting For You" [Video]

UK millennial indie-dance band Sour are back with the anthemic tune "Waiting For You". Now a duo, Sour have intertwined distinct basslines with futuristic synths to produce an infectiously exciting track. 

With Connar Ridd's familiar vocals floating above the versatile electronics, the track pushes you into all emotional directions. Describing the vulnerability of falling in love, "Waiting For You" celebrates both the positives and negatives of human relationships. “It’s about that once in a life time feeling. The gravitational pull between two people like an addiction and that addiction is so vulnerable because to feel it you have to offer all of you," says front man Ridd.

"It’s a stubborn and impatient declaration of love, it’s screaming ‘no matter what you could possibly do to me, no matter how you could hurt me, I will wait for you’. I wanted to get across the underlying feeling of hopelessness and self-destruction too. It’s like having blurred vision whilst blindly walking forward. You can’t see yet you don’t care because what you feel is more important, it’s disregarding everything you know for someone.”

Continuing their motive to craft elegant, funk-infused tunes, "Waiting For You" captures the band at their queer pop core, oozing majestic melodies and whimsical synthetic powers. With each release, Sour continue to get better and better in their ability to produce absolute bangers. Their future is promising and I, for one, cannot wait to see what they have in store for us next. 

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