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David Marston and No Regular Play lets us know it's "Too Late to Cry" in new collaboration

Originally produced and released by David Marston in 2012, "Too Late To Cry" is now an Eyedyllic Music affair, being mixed into a 2019 version with the collaborative efforts of both Marston and No Regular Play. With its revamped sound, the single also comes with a dub version from J Gabriel and a revised original from Marston himself.

Utilizing the original to its utmost potential, "Too Late To Cry" forms an acid-tinged wreath around Marston's original stems, nurturing an ever-evolving bass line that knows no bounds. With a hair-raising freestyle trumpet riff, both Marston and No Regular Play showcase their complementary duality, championing a unique house sound. On the other hand, J Gabriel reigns in the strongest elements of the track for a dubbed-down beauty signature to his sound. 

Finally, for the original version of "Too Late To Cry," Marston returns to his studio for a entirely revised mixdown, making this new original mix sound all the more incredible. The garage and funk vibe that emanates seamlessly from the track is one that truly stands the test of time.


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Acid · House


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