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Chris Lake and Lee Foss weave a tale of "Lies, Deception, And Fantasy"

Two of house music's biggest names have come together for an explosive tech-house collaboration. Repopulate Mars' boss Lee Foss and Black Book founder Chris Lake showcase their multi-faceted skillset in "Lies, Deception, And Fantasy", giving fans a taste of true, undulated groove that draws one in deep into a dream.

Already a highly sought after track following its appearance in the DJ sets of both artists, "Lies, Deception, And Fantasy" showcases an unbounded purity in its tech-house sensibilities, capable of igniting any dance floor. With its medley of chunky bass, spiralling effects and piercing piano stabs, the duo add to the fire with an infectious female vocal, dousing it with hypnotic horns and filtered atmospherics for an incredibly fresh sound. Without a doubt, "Lies, Deception, And Fantasy" enforces both Lake and Foss' respective talents, and celebrates their flawless teamwork. 

Edit 07/01/2019: Lee Foss is currently on tour after recently cancelling a show in Seattle due to a scandal. Click here for more info.

Edit 07/02/2019: Lee Foss has responded to allegations of lyrical plagiarism in "Lies, Deception, And Fantasy". Read more here


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