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Bedroom-pop artist Ghost Orchard travels to quiet introspection on “Station”

Ghost Orchard is the musical venture of Sam Hall, a 21-year-old bedroom-pop artist based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He’s back with his second single, “Station,” off his forthcoming LP Bunny via Orchid Tapes. The new song blends minimalist dream-pop with an inflow of indie-R&B tones that fashions a hushed yet stirring soundscape.

“Station” is sonically in vein of artists like Elvis Depressedly, Bane’s World, and field trip. The track starts off with the gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar and restrained effects in the background. When the minute mark comes up, the endeavor evolves with experimental beauty, supplying solace for listeners in perplexing times. Hall’s vocals emerge with blissful accents while the music delivers a welcoming environment to experience. Influences from Frank Ocean to Aphex Twin survey the scene here as well, but Ghost Orchard finds truth in his words and originality in his melodies separating himself from the crowded bedroom-pop spaces.

Here’s what Ghost Orchard had to share about his new single,

“‘station’ to me tried to capture the earliest urgencies of falling in love from a perspective of someone looking back at it. It talks about a trip I went on with my partner to Chicago, taking a megabus there and the train back, which I had never done before, and kind of the excitement of it all. Yearning to see someone the moment you leave their side.

I wrote the song last summer in my smoldering hot bedroom in an hour or so, with the strings being recorded later by my friend willem. It was the last song to be recorded that ended up on the record and was inspired a lot by Dijon and other friends.”

Ghost Orchard released “Balloon,” the first single off Bunny in April. The upcoming LP follows his two previous records, 2016’s Bliss and 2015’s Poppy.

Connect with Ghost Orchard: Spotify | Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter

Alternative R&B · Indie


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