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Hucci and UZ resurrect slow tempo trap with collaboration on “Awakening"

Hucci and UZ have both individually become recognized for their distinctive and original sound in regards to the trap scene. While the UK based Hucci's allure is in his foolishly slow tempo and dark instrumentals, the masked UZ defines his own sub-genre of trap music by intertwining hip-hop and drum and bass into his production style. After unreserved levels of hype from their fan bases, the vibrant collaboration on "Awakening" allows their fan base to have a taste of how grimey these producers can get when they get together on a track.

Beginning with a melancholic fluidity which ripples through the speakers along with a blend of drawn-out chords and a down tempo pace. The producers are slowly welcoming their listeners to the world of trap music. While the intensity starts to creep up with a stabbing vocal sample and grinding sub bass, Hucci and UZ's signature sounds echo through the speakers before receding into pared-back darkness. Kicking it back to the old school slow trap, these producers collaborating is a dream come true to many trap enthusiasts and this is only a taste of what is to come. 

Catch Hucci at Hard Summer Music Festival on August 3rd and UZ at Hornblower Cruises & Events, Pier 15 in New York on July 12th.

Connect with Hucci: Facebook | Instagram | TwitterSoundCloud

Connect with UZ: Facebook | Twitter | InstagramSoundCloud



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