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Imani Coppola’s “SAMO” is a witty and powerful alternative R&B record

“SAMO” Begins with heavy drum beats that set the rhythm and act as a cushion for Imani Coppola powerful vocals. Other than her vocal dexterity and hook that captures, the instrumentation takes a major win. In the midst of these beautiful elements, the message in the lyrics shouldn’t be ignored. Meanwhile, the video hints at the presence of , and features Imani’s own artistic work while using graffiti art to comment on the tribulations of struggling artists. 

“Nothing ever really changes in American society.” says Coppola. “It only gets stupider and we’re becoming more accustomed to accepting that as the new normal. 'SAMO' is essentially an imagined friendship with neo-expressionist and graffiti artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat throughout the decades. As the world was changing, I imagined how he and his art would’ve been affected had he thrived in a different time. I also managed to use his tag name 'SAMO', which is a short version of “Same ol’ bullshit”.

Imani Coppola is a critically-acclaimed, American singer-songwriter and classically-trained violinist known for such hits as “Legend of a Cowgirl,” and “The World Should Revolve Around Me,” among her other works. With Coppola's distinctive voice and cross-genre style she hopes to shake, move and rattle listeners. This is exactly what she has done with “SAMO”. 

Connect with Imani Coppola: Twitter | Instagram

Alternative Rock


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