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Jordyn Jones delivers a mesmerizing Pop performance in new single "cut 'em off" [Premiere]

Jordyn Jones isn't here to waste her time with any toxic relationships. Over a dazzling ambient backdrop, Jones delivers a stunning R&B pop performance in new single "cut 'em off"

The production behind "cut 'em off" provides a dreamy ambient backdrop with a light kick that hypnotizes you. And as Jones' feathery vocals continue to draw you in, that deep bass drops and the attitude-filled lyrics begin painting a story of a person who is "done playing nice". The track tells the story of someone who is ready to move on and is over them. Jones' vocals really take center stage to deliver an impressive soulful pop performance. The initial downtempo pace mixed with Jones' soothing,  seductive vocals tricks you into believing this is a slow, meditative track because that tempo gradually builds up to release a dynamic bop that warrants the volume to be turned up all the way. 

"This song "cut 'em off" is really important to me because it really hits home. A lot of people I know have had toxic relationships whether it's a friendship or relationship and we've all felt stuck at one point," shares Jones. "I hope this song inspires those people stuck in toxic relationships to know their worth and be confident in themselves." Jone's lyrics are fierce and clearly personal but her vocal delivery is truly mesmerizing. A hybrid between a passionate Ellie Goulding and a dreamy Alina Baraz, Jones is an exciting new pop artist on the scene right now. Her vocals could also easily be featured in any Top 10 electronic track, that is if producers are smart enough to jump on this artist while they still might be able to. 

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