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T.R.3's “Bad (To The Bone)" is a declaration of love [Video]

T.R 3 lays back in the cut for the visual of his new release titled “Bad (To The Bone)". The love-laden song shows a unique vulnerability we hardly see from rappers but what makes it even better is T.R.3's off-kilter approach that is both entertaining and unpredictable.

T.R.3 once again taps producer Ariano for a mellow, lo-fi styled beat while he pays homage to his significant other who is “bad” in all the right ways.

For this set of visuals, T.R.3 puts himself in the director’s chair and showcases a couple enjoying an afternoon in the park. It’s a simple, albeit striking, look at how we can really connect when we slow down and appreciate each other—and maybe some good weed. The couple in the video is portrayed by frequent collaborator/artist JanuaryHigh and Lazaria, whose race breaking chemistry personifies true love. It’s almost like you’re there, witnessing everything for yourself. It doesn’t hurt that the track itself has a similar vibe. The Ariano-produced cut has a punch-drunk sound fuelled by T.R.3’s equally woozy-leaning vocals, making “Bad” one of the best songs

 “Bad (To The Bone)" is off  T.R.3's recently released album, Together Alone.

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