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TriOrca's debut single "Ghost" is alive and thriving

There are many idioms and stories that warn about the prevalence of threes: Bad things come in threes, three is a crowd, three strikes you're out. But three is also the number of sides needed to make a triangle- the strongest and most structurally sound shape of all. I'd like to think the same logic can be applied musically. Perhaps three is the magic number needed to form a perfectly balanced, talented group that can deliver the ultimate audial experiences. Much like newcomers TriOrca and their debut single "Ghost". 

Oozing with effortless grace, TriOrca deliver a smooth rendition of soul and R&B with a unique signature. Comprised of multi-instrumentalist and producer Phil Simmonds, drummer and producer David Diaz and writer/vocalist Whitney Meyer, this is a band that has come together through individual successes and world experiences to embark on the next great musical journey.

Sifting through the special ingredients that each member brings, "Ghost" is a softly baked delicacy that feels like the first bite into a childhood-favorite treat. The subtle bass guitar nuances in the background, the slow drumming, Meyer's romantic vocals. All these elements come together in a melodious triumph, warm and nostalgic all at once. It's a commanding debut, and one we hope will spring forth more music from this insatiable trio. 

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