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Grace Gillespie practices self-love on "My Love Surreal"

Since her "I'm Your Man" release, London crooner Grace Gillespie has managed to crawl into our hearts with her warm vocals and cryptic lyrics. Pivoting ever so slightly, her newest single "My Love Surreal" continues to emulate Gillespie's playful nature in an erratic soundscape she likens to "summer dysphoria." 

Dissonant chords open up this number, adorned with a ticking percussive beat and remedying bass. Gillespie's hazy vocals quickly rush in, cooing to the microphone. Reminiscent of a smoke-filled, dimmed lights performance, it's easy to imagine a spotlight suddenly shining on Gillespie as she belts out "But my love is real" in the swelling hook. It's an elegantly composed track, effortlessly flipping between calm and excited without skipping a beat. Born on a hot summer day, Gillespie shares that "My Love Surreal" came out of feeling stifled, as "the circular synth patterns reflect little repetitive, negative patterns of thought, born out of a sense of isolation, being stuck indoors, being stuck creatively. ”

Living in a city can often make people feel more alone than ever before. The boundless opportunities and experiences found outside your door scream even louder when you find yourself shut in, wondering what it is that you're missing. Gillespie takes this feeling and sets it free in a melodious arrangement of bedroom pop sounds. "It’s easy to be critical and get stuck in these relentless little cycles of negativity - I suppose the song was me trying to win myself over." 

You can find "My Love Surreal" on Grace Gillespie's upcoming debut EP, Pretending, set to drop on June 28

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