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Follow the "Guiding Light" with QUIX's uplifting trap single feat. Sanna Martinez

Jono Schnell, who goes by the name of QUIX, has effortlessly taken his listeners on a journey through uplifting rhythms and explosive trap beats through his entire career. After being home schooled at a very young age, he was involved in school bands and began to become heavily interested in electronic music which lead to festival anthems such as his collaboration on "Supernatural" with Boombox Cartel. With a versatile production style, QUIX breaks the boundaries of a trap producer by experimenting with different vocals and melodies you would not normally find in a typical trap single. Released on Dim Mak, QUIX  supports his dynamic production style by providing us the "Guiding Light" when searching for a new track to blast out the car windows this summer. 

QUIX showcases Sanna Martinez's silky vocals on a tension building intro before unleashing a gargantuan multi-layered trap drop to get a little filthy for festival season. Through pure precision, QUIX subtly balances the light and dark by contrasting the airy elements of Martinez's smooth vocals over a heavy, reverberating soundscape. By tearing up the trap scene and continuously shaking the new ground with his unique sound design, QUIX is the one to call on when you are in need of satisfying your recurring trap fix. 

Lose control with QUIX at Soundcheck in Washington, DC on June 21st. 

Connect with QUIX: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | SoundCloud



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