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tobi lou shares his drip in "Waterboy" [Video]

There's no doubt that Chicago is one of the most—if not the most—exciting scene in hip-hop right now. It seems the area is cultivating an air of creativity that you can't help but get high on. tobi lou has created his own little niche of music filled with colourful bops that take on a life of their own. His greatest strength is his ability to disperse his wit in a pool of metaphors and similes, while flowing somewhere between singing and rapping. "Waterboy" throws listeners right back into the pool and has listeners once again deciphering the clever lyricist's wordplay while enjoying some refreshing visuals.

The King of Bop takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to rappers and their drip. He announces his newfound title as "Waterboy" by ensuring swimmers are hydrated and shows splashes of his drip in the form of custom wetsuits and and colourful Adidas shoes. The Chicago emcee's patented wordplay is displayed over quit-hitting bars—almost like one line is a question and the next is the answer. His similes fly all over the place on this thing; in the span of just 15 seconds, Tobi transforms FIFA, Serena Williams, and a Beliber all into one cohesive thought. The song makes use of bright synths and vocal samples to cheer up the deeper percussion to add the splashes of character that match tobi's animated style.

"Waterboy" is a refreshing glass of cold water on a warm summer's day. And here's to hoping tobi keeps us hydrated this summer.

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