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Agent Orange gives acid house classic "Don't Laugh" a new lease on life

If one was to name a classic acid house tune, Winx's "Don't Laugh" would be an instantaneous answer. Arriving in time for the summer, New York-born DJ and producer Agent Orange has now given the classic a new lease of life, releasing a techno-driven remix and dub via Nervous Records

Pitching down the acid-soaked original, Agent Orange hones the number into a distinct homogeneous sound of whirring blares and thumping kick drums—reconfiguring acid sentiments into robust techno-bass sensibilities. A deeper and darker sonic territory, sees the laughs in "Don't Laugh" border on sinister, yet still, wholly maintaining its radical humour. On the other hand, the dub edit is even more sparse, fully highlighting the sadistic laughter in all its glory.

A dance music veteran with over 25 years in the game, Agent Orange runs the Gotham Grooves imprint. With over 70 musical releases under his belt on labels such as Toolroom, Tronic and Elevate, Agent Orange regularly features in the Beatport Main and Techno Top 100 charts, with seven of his tracks rising to #1.

Connect with Agent Orange: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Connect with Winx: SoundCloud

Acid · House · Techno


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