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SACRE continue their 'Love Revolution' saga with "00:00AM Hades's Blessing"

Most artists produce music that is meant for listening. There are others, however, where the music is only one part of the picture. For the Parisian duo SACRE, their upcoming debut album Love Revolution is a far-reaching multi-media project that involves an expansive, intricate story of 12 characters told over the course of 12 songs that each represent an hour in a day. The latest offering is “00:00AM HADES’S BLESSING,” a vocal-driven track in which two of the story’s characters attempt to cement a budding love with Hades as witness.

The tracks from Love Revolution that have been released thus far showcase a wide range of styles and electronics to match the story’s sprawling narrative. Representing one of the more tender moments in the story, “00:00AM HADES’S BLESSING” exhibits a more minimal musical approach for band members Hawaii and Sukil. Much of the song is A cappella, and even when they bring in the percussion in the chorus, it is fairly minimalistic with few low-end frequencies in the mix. The song shows that amid SACRE’s grandiose visions on Love Revolution is a knack for catchy melodies and tasteful musicianship—these are ultimately the traits that will bring listeners back for whatever unpredictable turns the story takes in the upcoming chapters.

Love Revolution is set for release in December 2019.

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