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Abe Hollow finds a delicate balance on "Paradise"

Abe Hallow is the songwriting project of Oakland-based musician Adam Hirsch. With soft and intimate production skills, "Paradise" is the latest single from his forthcoming self-produced LP, A Palace in Time

Despite the soft, lush acoustic layering, "Paradise" has a dark and ominous tone. Hirsch's intricate songwriting bops back and forth like the crashing of waves. His lyrics are cerebral and brooding, "I saw my life in retrograde, couldn't look away." There's an element of self-reflection and distance to his voice. Lines that vaguely touch on the transformation of his hometown and echoes of stagnant apathy.

"My city can't remember me, traffic on a pond,

My city looks a lot like me, hollow as a palm."

Hirsch artfully succeeds in bridging the gap between acoustics and electronics, yielding a mystic folk sound with more in common to Big Thief than any electro-pop artist.

Pre-order the album from Ephemeral Stream Recordings.

Connect with Abe Hollow: Instagram | Bandcamp

Acoustic · Folk · Indie


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