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Moon Hooch expands its sound with Tonio Sagan on "Rise"

Every band has to strike a balance between honing in on a unique sound and getting pigeonholed into a box with no room to grow. The trio Moon Hooch, which got its start performing in the New York City subway system, developed an audience through their bombastic style of dueling saxophones and drums that led them out of the busking scene to a life on tour. While they have certainly established a well-defined niche of aggressive grooves and stellar musicianship, they have branched out into new stylistic territory with their new single “Rise,” which features rap verses and production from Tonio Sagan.

The blend of live instrumentals and electronic production on “Rise” makes for an original sound that finds Moon Hooch slightly dialed down from their usual fiery demeanor and sounding more like a sample. Their energy can’t be contained too much, though, as both sax players Wenzl McGowen and Mike Wilbur get opportunities to provide flourishes to compliment Sagan’s rhythmic flow. All the while, drummer James Muschler provides edgy grooves, giving the track its rhythmic foundation. “Rise” is an exciting collaboration that not only showcases the impressive talents of both Moon Hooch and Sagan, but it proves that musicians with enough curiosity will always be on the hunt for new sounds.

Stream or buy "Rise" here.

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Connect with Tonio Sagan: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Spotify

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