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Don't leave All The Rest sitting on the "Backburner"

The four-piece indie pop band All The Rest have been steadily making their mark this year with their 80's tinged anthems and youthful aplomb. While boasting a fun and laid-back persona, their newest single, "Backburner" takes a sharp turn to voice the darker thoughts running through their mind. 

"I wanted to write a song about the people who just want to use me", singer Baylee Waller shares. "The kind of people who only hit you up when they want something from you. When you have nothing to offer, you’re nothing to them." Taking up the mantle of the resentful artist, Waller delivers a gritty falsetto performance, injecting a little rock to this loud pop number. "Backburner" skillfully supports the dramatic vocals with a howling production accented by a funky bass-line and distorted guitar riffs. Though still built with elements of 80's pop, this track adds depth to All The Rest's already impressive catalogue, proving that fun comes in all forms, and all sounds. 

You can catch All The Rest perform at Atlanta's Vinyl on June 14th, alongside The Technicolors and The Criticals by purchasing tickets here

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Alt-Pop · Indie Pop · Pop · Synth Pop


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