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TAME, The Aspiring Me teams up with Lion Babe's Astro Raw on "No Creep"

Houston multi-dimensional artist TAME, The Aspiring Me has released a new single collaborating with Lion Babe's Astro Raw 'No Creep'. The single sees the two artists create a raw hip-hop tune with various elements of classic funk. The song examines the subtle nature of proposing companionship. It sees TAME strip back with upfront raw lyrics, and highlights the idea of love coming naturally without being forced.

The collaboration came about when Astro heard TAME's ‘Blue Bonnets’ single and invited him to come out to the studio. 'No Creep' is the result of the studio session.

“I didn't have a MacBook at the time so I pulled out my iPad and programmed the drums using this app called ‘Beat Maker 2.’ I was familiar with the app as I had programmed drums from my 2015 ‘OK, Whatever’ album using it. I fly over the drums to Astro and he adds some guitar riffs and piano keys onto the song. I then program some flute sounds and after an hour we have a beat.  I wrote the song, or what we considered the song to be, an hour after that. I finally came to a point where I was fully confident with everything the song presented, so now you get to hear it,”

Creativity runs through his veins as he orchestrates and continues to use his music as a positive tool to uplift and inspire others. The single will feature off his upcoming album 'The Aspiring Me III' due to be released in July this year.

Connect with TAME, The Aspiring Me: Spotify | Facebook | Instagram |  Website

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