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ROZES strips down to bare essentials on "Call Me"

Ever since powerhouse vocalist ROZES (Elizabeth Mencel) first burst onto the scene with her incredibly successful collaboration with The Chainsmokers, she has planted her foot firmly in the ground of the modern pop scene. Pivoting ever so slightly, her solo efforts have encompassed the same infectious energy, while boasting of original lyrics and thoughts. Today, she releases her newest single "Call Me", and with it, she steps off the bubbly pop platform to address those who have struggled, are still struggling today, or may yet struggle tomorrow. 

Written at She Is The MusicAlicia Keys' all-female writing camp, "Call Me" is an empowering piano ballad urging anyone who is suffering to reach out for help. “I wrote 'Call Me' to show how important and lifesaving one phone call could be," she explains. "Whether you’re the one who needs to be saved, or you’re the one doing the saving. Everybody needs somebody sometimes, and that is okay. Your mental health is not a burden. You belong here.” 

"Call Me" also serves to remind us of Mencel's single most powerful attribute- her voice. Stripped of an overpowering electronic production, her vocals are set free, gently dancing atop the warm piano notes before pirouetting in an anthemic chorus. It's simple and elegant, perhaps the way that Mencel always imagined her music would be. One thing is for certain, and that is when it comes to talent, Elizabeth Mencel will always have both legs to firmly stand on.

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