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Black Match stun in forlorn visuals for "Nowhere" [Video]

Absence is a powerful concept. It's been explored in countless songs and given many anthems. Though none as beautiful and touching as California duo Black Match's latest single "Nowhere" and its accompanying visuals. 

Shot in their childhood home of San Luis Obispo, the visuals for "Nowhere" are tinged with melancholic sepia tones and sunset ruminations. The spaces are starkly filmed, accentuating Ian and Hannah's solitary. Even when they do find themselves together in the shot, there is a separation, a sense that they still are very much alone. Of the video, the duo shares "In essence, 'Nowhere' is a track about isolation and longing, so there seemed no better place to capture the mood than our hometown, which is an obscenely beautiful area but also one that can feel desolate and lonely."

The idea of nowhere is contradictory because the pain of it is in fact felt everywhere. Black Match encapsulate this perfectly, with a haunting composition that permeates every molecule, so that their longing and desperation are felt everywhere around you. A powerful performance from this humble duo, and one that won't be forgotten. 

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