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Love is "Ugly", so laugh and cry with Deb Never [Video]

Cut the leash and get lost with LA alt-pop artist Deb Never's latest slow-burn single "Ugly".

Since starting her solo project in 2018, the L.A-based artist has been jamming everything she likes into her music. Heroic is her disregard to whether any of it makes sense. For example, "Ugly" flexes the songwriter's opposing self. The song tells a sad story of toxic relationships with a music video that's wickedly funny. Further, the artist signed onto label WEDIDIT, bringing her love of Nirvana grunge to the collective's electronic and hip-hop led sounds. Not limited by norms, Deb Never's music is best enjoyed by rule-breakers.

Likewise, the music video draws inspiration from the hedonistic heights of 2000s MTV. The time Bloodhound Gang released seminal album Hooray for Boobies and Blink182 cartwheeled around naked. All the while censors slammed their CDs with "Parental Advisory" stickers. Following suit, Deb Never dons a dog costume and stirs havoc on a suburban street. She plays pranks on elderly neighbors and trips over a skateboarding cameo by Brockhampton's Matt Champion. All in an attempt to impress a love interest who gives zero f*cks.

Deb Never says the song reflects this unhappiness of being out of love but needing comfort. "I feel like everyone has been in this type of relationship because it’s easy to fall into," she says. "I suppose you could call it an ugly relationship."

Making us laugh and cry at the same time, "Ugly" is wonderfully disparate that delivers scattered influences continuing to make Deb Never a musical anomaly and a brilliant one at that.

Connect with Deb Never: Instagram | Soundcloud

Alt-Pop · Future R&B


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