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Stevan arrives with ageless style on "Timee"

For most people, music is a lifelong pursuit that takes years of practice to build technique and develop a meaningful, unique sound. There are others who are graced with skills and artistic vision from an early age. The Australian artist Stevan falls into the latter.

The teenage Wollongong native has released a new video for his single “Timee” and the project reflects someone with style beyond his years. His quirky yet soulful, guitar-driven music has shades of fellow wunderkind Steve Lacy from The Internet but beyond that comparison, it doesn’t fit into any one genre and that’s what makes it special.

In Stevan’s words, “’Timee’ explores different aspects of myself in relation to music… the colours and vibe of the video were inspired by Wes Anderson.” Directed by Jordan Kirk, the video plays on the theme of the song’s title with a visual style that feels timeless, somehow nostalgic and progressive at the same time. Stevan’s wardrobe gives a nod to David Byrne’s in Stop Making Sense while his music pushes boundaries of expectation. At one point in the song Stevan sings, “I’m a lost boy with a big dream / got nothing that seems to be weighin’ on me.” He may feel lost, but “Timee” shows that he has a deft musical touch and endless potential that will certainly make a mark.

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