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“Fried Rice” is the move according to Bas and J.I.D

Dreamville’s Bas and J.I.D have got together to give us a sneak peek of all of the heat they will drop this summer. Bas’s new track “Fried Rice” featuring J.I.D bands together the two lyricists to deliver a high energy song emerged with originality and talent.

Dreamville rappers have always taken their lyrics to the next level from experimenting with different flows to their usage of metaphorical rhymes. Bas kicks off “Fried Rice” by hopping on the chorus and the first verse. As the song goes on, Bas gets personal giving listeners some insight into his life before his rap career took off. Bas, who was raised in Queens for a significant part of his life, also throws in some bars specific to New York culture:

[Verse 1]

Hear her lullaby make ’em sing like Adele

Heavy on me like a pound, singing’ off key, get 'em off me

We on north streets for the money, niggas hit up Wall Street

Had them boys ringin’ the bell

Ain't no Libra, but my scale ready if this rap shit ever fail get me hot

My borough taught me how to run a block

J.I.D takes the next verse and bodies it. The Atlanta rapper takes his time to discuss his journey and describe his success in the rap game.

[ Verse 2]

Spazz the fuck out, all bad, I'm all-Madden

I'm on a go route now, but I do all patterns

I'm with your ho right now, and she's a tall glass

I'm a can full of whoop-yo-ass

A little .40 in a booking bag

I put a bullet in your looking ass

Aw, baby, what is you doin'?

The track “Fried Rice” produced by K-Quick is definitely a song that showcases the talent of Dreamville artists. "Fried Rice" is also said to be on the label’s upcoming album Revenge of the Dreamers III. Dreamville is the record label founded by legendary rapper J.Cole and their roster is stacked right now from hip hop legends like J Cole and Bas to upcoming artists who have provided us with back to back hits like J.I.D. With rumors of Young Thug, T.I, and Rick Ross also to be on Revenge of the Dreamers III, “Fried Rice” may just be the start of something great.

Dreamville Revenge of the Dreamers III is rumored to be dropping in the summer.

Connect with Bas: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify

Connect with J.I.D: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify

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