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YAKUL stays "Blossoming"

Yakul struts their stuff as they return with a brand new soul-filled jam aptly titled "Blossoming". A love-laden record that dwells on a growing relationship while exuding a classic Motown vibe.

The Brighton-based four man band have been doing their thing for a minute now since they caught our ears on the gripping "Realigned" and subsequent releases such as "Bad Karma".  On "Blossoming" the band really takes it up a notch with more gusto from the dynamic and vibrant rhythm which is only subdued by the rich layered textures which progresses into a thunderous climax on the chorus. From the moment you hit the play button the vintage feeling the vocals give is felt immediately and draws you in with ease.  With the bar being pushed further on each release, Yakul's repertoire as modern progenitors of neo-soul goes without saying.

Listen on Spotify.

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