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Boxia takes you to a "Sunshine State" on debut Drumcode album [Premiere]

A favourite of EARMILK's when it comes to techno powerhouses, UK based Boxia is held in high regard. With the DJ and producer previously sharing his inspirations and influences surrounding Ethereal Education, his first EP released via Drumcode, Boxia has announced the release of 'A Night In The Life Of' - a 14-track debut album incoming June 3rd via Adam Beyer's very same label.

A Night In The Life Of is a 14-track showcase of Boxia's effortless ability to blend bold techno sound with progressive house components. From the all-consuming title track opener, which features Lyke, through to the closer "Last Nightclub", the album weaves carefully through intuitive synths, broken beats, bass and unrelenting drums, whilst Boxia intricately layers each track with different emotions and their resemblant sounds.

"Sunshine State", premiered exclusively above, is taken from A Night In The Life Of and embodies the journey Boxia takes the listener on through his album story. “I wanted this album to be as much about the people that I’ve met, as it is about me" he shares, "People I talk to every day; people I only encountered once, and my life long companions. Each track on this album sketches an audio portrait of these characters who have inspired me". "Sunshine State" is a dreamy, transcendental number at its beginnings, soon progressing into the powerful techno sounds that have become instantly recognizable as Boxia's heady production style.

BoxiaA Night In The Life Of

1. Boxia – A Night In The Life Of (feat.Lyke)
2. Boxia – Primal People
3. Boxia – Unofficial Everything
4. Boxia – Where Are Your Friends
5. Boxia – Alchemy Girl
6. Boxia – Under The Bridge
7. Boxia – Give Love Always
8. Boxia – Complex Club
9. Boxia – Out Of Focus
10. Boxia - Ephenomenon
11. Boxia – Nights Become Days
12. Boxia – Sunshine State
13. Boxia – Inside And Out
14. Boxia – Last Nightclub

Pre-order Boxia's A Night In The Life Of, out June 3rd, HERE.

Connect with Boxia: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

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