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Kitt Philippa shares emotionally gritty visuals for "You" [Video]

Northern Ireland multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Kitt Philippa knows how to bare a soul and strip down to the raw fears and emotions inside. Channeling this brutal but gripping strength in their latest EP, You, they create a sonic oasis for burdened feelings and spirits in need of polishing. The title track, "You" is an electrifying piano ballad, coupling themes of loss and space in a fiery declaration of love. The just released visuals for the track are hauntingly beautiful, capturing the most human emotion of them all- pain. 

Directed by duo Luna (Luke Daly and Nathan Fagan), the camera wistfully hones in on the protagonist through intimate scenes of emotional distress and suffering. Philippa's moving lyrics provide all the context needed for these scenes, with a brief moment of introspective clarity during the hushed confession "And I can't stop loving you". A turning point in the song's composition, the video mirrors its slow build-up into a cathartic emotional release through the protagonist's desertion of their car, into the accepting arms of loved ones. "You" feels like it's been holding its breath until then, exhaling with a rush of thundering drums and longing harmonies. When speaking about the themes reflected in the video, Philippa shares that "absence, through the process of grieving, can seem like it is living: it gives way to love and care from other humans and adds to a complex infrastructure."

Philippa poignantly sings from the heart of every lost, confused, or simply searching person. Making the emotional connections we sometimes can't bring ourselves to make, they provide the context to every heart-wrenching moment. And you can catch their evocatively moving live performances during their UK tour this summer: 

June 4th - Carlow, IRE - Visual Carlow Festival
June 5th - London, UK - Supporting Lucy Dacus, EartH (Hackney Arts Centre)
June 22 - Westmeath, IRE - Body & Soul Festival
July 20th - Blessington, IRE - KnockanStockan Festival

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