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APHROSE’s “(Can’t) Settle For Less” is a cocktail of sensitivity and strength

To adore and be adored is an innate human desire that is often felt but not always addressed. Toronto singer APHROSE achieves a soulful blend of vulnerability and potency on “(Can’t) Settle For Less” that gives a home to those often unvoiced longings.

APHROSE’s smoky tone bodly and tenderly diffuses into the bass-driven joint as she sings about a rare love she just can’t trade in for anything else. Her words mingle in pools of fragrant melodies and resonate in listener’s ears even after the song is over, like the imprint of lipstick left on the last sip of a glass of red wine. APHROSE's husky vocal style, complemented by the gravitating pull of sticky synths, is a nod to the golden age of R&B.

“I wanted to show another side of myself, the strong yet vulnerable woman that isn't afraid to admit when she's in need of love and attention,” explains APHROSE. “It's exhausting enough being a woman of colour walking through this world with all the disadvantages that come with it. We are forced to put up this ever-constant veneer of strength, which at times, takes its toll. At the end of the day, we're all human beings with all the same wants and needs that every human being has and I wanted to express that vulnerability through this song.” Letting go of the daily inhibitions, APHROSE no longer feels the need to tone down her feelings for anyone else.

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