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Quincy Jamal leaves it all on the mic with full length debut 'To Whom It May Concern'

Straight out of Orlando, Florida comes budding emcee Quincy Jamal with his official full-length project entitled To Whom It May Concern. While he is green in the game, he delivers a seasoned performance across this 10-track body of work.

Jamal kicks off the project with the soulful opener "Luv", a profound look at relationships from all aspects of the good and bad. "Why Lie" sees the young emcee dwell on his humble and tragic beginnings over a smooth guitar riff. 
To Whom It May Concern is clearly an intimate expression of the current state of the artists as Jamal opens up and lets the listener into various aspects of his life. Tracks like the solemn "BIW" purveys the courage that the artist has had to find in life, while "Flight to LA" gets a bit more specific and talks about his time in college and the challenges he faced.  Jamal doesn't hold back as he puts his entire life on wax for all to hear.
The stories on the project are profound and personal for a life that started off tragic. Moving to Atlanta, Georgia after the untimely murder of his dad, Jamal developed the knack for writing rhymes at a young age. The hunger for this outlet only grew as Quincy developed a passion for. Having to work through his early adulthood, he would be forced to drop out of college at age 19 before returning at age 25. This rough patch fuels the very personal lyricism behind each track and adds notable layers of depth to his music. 
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