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Sal Dulu teams up with Stahhr on "Buzzcut"

Dublin based producer/instrumentalist Sal Dulu teams up with veteran Hip Hop artist StaHHr on new single “Buzzcut". The producer pulls out the big guns, preparing mind gripping soundscapes that progress at every turn - it's an experimental style of sound thats both cinematic and lyrically inclined. The stacked ethereal backdrop may be too much for some, but StaHHr comes through and shines with her time tested flow and profound lyrics. Sticking to the unorthodox concept, Stahhr delivers her verses at certain parts of the song and lets the song breathe at other parts - matching times when the ambient changes from dark to bright.

“Buzzcut" is the follow-up single to Sal Dulu's solo piano composition, “Xompulse”, released in January this year.


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Hip-Hop · Rap


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