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Eleni Drake shares her glorious "Songs On Sundays" EP

Inspiring singer-songwriters come and go, with many handing out inspiration for a mere few minutes. But London singer-songwriter Eleni Drake is different. Her signature chilled R&B-inspired soul sparks inspiration every time it enters the ears of its listeners. Since dropping her second EP Songs On Sundays, it's been the soundtrack for all human emotions. It's a seriously glorious collection of songs.

Whether its the laid back, free-falling "Untitled" or jazzy "Ceilings", Drake's soulful voice is quintessentially British. There's something nostalgic about Drake's music formula, "Trippy Tea" captures this perfectly. The enchanting soundscape creates a pure sonic bliss, whereas "Velvet Mouth" channels an early Corinne Bailey Rae vibe, pinpointing soul as a timeless genre when produced well.

Lead single "4" maintains its bulky presence, acting as the eldest sister of the tunes, boldly leading the journey with an adventurous twist. This time, with a trip-hop vibe, Drake pulls off a winner with the bass-driven number. Explaining the track in more detail, Eleni Drake says: “It ends with a slightly optimistic note, singing “now the sun is shining for me, skin dipped in honey all for me” any ordinary human is happy once the sun is out, also meaning that since the relationship is over, I see the sun more often, and although honey is sweet, and tends to be seen a nice terminology, I meant it as they’re drowning in their own falsities. How I once portrayed them to be this sweet, caring person, they are now submerged in their own lies and it’s difficult for them to get out.”

Yet it's one track, "The Sun Don't", which captures Drake at her best. With minimal production and effortless vocals, the track broodily exhibits her musical diversity. It's this track that specifically captures the Jorja Smith aura of the London singer-songwriter. But despite these comparisons to musicalities, Eleni Drake offers even more emotional value to her songs. Whilst calmingly offering its listener peace of mind with tender melodies, Songs On Sunday ignites a fierce fire of emotions, encouraging those to feel every word spoken from Drake. 

With swaddling piano chords on "Sedatives" and the entire EP acting as a sonic comfort blanket, Eleni Drake is a whimsical songwriter. This collection of songs delves into the sensual mind of Drake, crafting an elegant body of work and promising a glimpse of euphoria.

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