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Clairo's single "Bags" hints at personal growth and new album

I am utterly obsessed with Clairo’s new single “Bags”. There is something undeniably mature and yet youthful about Clairo’s style. The song explores an adult relationship while still having a fresh background mixing that gives me strong college-era vibes. The Boston-area singer releases the single on the heels of the success of her self-produced EP and announcement of her debut full length album Immunity, expected August 2nd. 

“Bags” marks Clairo’s return after the release of her EP “Diary 001”. The homemade YouTube videos which accompany the online versions of the EP’s tracks showcase a confident, lively personality. Her debut single “Pretty Girl” and other popular track “Flaming Hot Cheetos” outline an artist with bursting levels of creativity.  In the video for “Pretty Girl”, Clairo sports sunglasses in a dorm room setting, featuring a pigtail hairstyle and crew-necks. The video’s theme echos Clairo herself, being a recent college graduate who is entering into the next chapter. “Bags” certainly marks the embarking into a new stage of her music. It has a more sophisticated tone that is a possible teaser of what themes and sounds her debut album may embody - experiences in life after college. 

As a young woman who identifies as queer, Clairo’s talent and entrepreneurial spirit in producing, writing, and singing is an encouraging example of the continuing rise of representation of LGBTQ+ artists in music, a rise that is essential and must continue. Alongside artists like Janelle Monáe, FLETCHER, or Halsey, Clairo is helping to represent and encourage the openness for the LGBTQ+ community and women through her music.  

Clairo will join Khalid on his sold out North American tour this summer. See more tour dates here

Connect with Clairo online: Facebook | YouTube | Spotify

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