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CAPYAC's 'Baby Make Money' is a smooth vibe perfect for any occasion

CAPYAC is one out of the norm, a group that explores the vast expanse of electronic music and its subsequent spectrums with thorough experiments. From electronic funk, nu-disco, jazz-blending, musical and physical improv, the group dives deep into the pulse of electronic music canon with their own unique twist. Baby Make Money is the epitome of their efforts, a smooth compilation chock full of varying sonic experiences that speak to the soul.

Assembling some of their latest singles, Baby Make Money tells a sonic tale that both rises and falls with one's emotional core, enlightening listeners with a vast array of delightful and provocative sounds. Opening, the chill groove of "Ceasefire" sees Brooklyn's Cool Company lend their talents in a smooth R&B number, languidly woozing through each chord with honey-sweet vocals and organic instrumentals. "Little Toes" similarly echoes the relaxed vibes, though with Annabelle Maginnis lending her angelic vocals for an even more sultry repose. On "Magazine Song" and "Abundance", we see CAPYAC strip back vocals for an anchored downtempo track, swaying with glitchy electro vibes and French touch and disco innuendos. "Underground" plays up the bouncy disco vibes, emanating a chill house vibe before diving deep into the darker end of dance music. Finally, "Someone Real" spotlights the core duo of the group, Potion and P. Sugz with a beautiful duet. Couple with their signature touches of slick production, choice keys and funky guitar licks, the duo closes off the EP with a flourish and sophisticated flair. 

CAPYAC is a surreal dance act with as much Berlin/Detroit/French electronic influences as jazz, funk and the swirl of modern genres mixed in. Their records take a new life onstage and CAPYAC have become well known for their epic performances, elaborating musically with extended jams, improvised sketch comedy moments, costumes, props and theatrics galore. Started in Austin, Texas, CAPYAC consisted of a consortium of collaborators, with the founding duo now based in Los Angeles, regularly featuring guest vocalists, dance troupes, and fish mongers to elate and enlighten. 

Upcoming Tour Dates:

May 27 — Los Angeles CA, The Echo
July 6th — Denver CO, Jackson's
July 13th — Houston TX, Market Square Park
July 20th — Austin TX, The Scoot Inn


Connect with CAPYAC: SoundCloud | TwitterFacebook | Instagram

Chillout · Electronic · Electronic · Experimental · Indie · R&B


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