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Pris activates new 'Empathy' concept with the release of 'New Babylon'

Acclaimed Berlin-based techno producer Pris, has activated a bold and visionary new collaborative concept aptly titled 'Empathy', with the advent of his New Babylon EP release. A mixed media project with close friend and enigmatic house producer Deejay Astral, Empathy marks a new chapter for the duo as they delve into a more refined sound.

With New Babylon, Pris compiles a noteworthy medley of techno tunes, each one carefully distilled to its sonic roots. Opening track "Aquarius" is an immediate, infectious tune; frenetic in kicks and evolving modular rhythms, Pris demonstrates his understanding of dance music through the song's careful curation of undeniably unique sounds. Following, "Corruption" takes a more brooding tone, unrelenting and menacing in its sub bass. A turbulent yet reposed whirlwind of chaotic notes, "Corruption" is an exposition of techno's underworld. The third track in New Babylon takes it even deeper; stripped back in drums, "Kink" leads with a flirtatious twist, captivating listeners with its pounding beats and consistent ambiance. Finally, "Vanity" closes off the EP with a more delicate bassline, illuminated by its shimmering, tribal/alien flair and comforting pads.

Born from an observation of the current club scene, Empathy takes inspiration from the early, more conceptually story driven days of Detroit and Berlin Techno. The project looks towards a bleak future of intoxicating new media, otherworldly tech and digital enslavement. This vision is emphasized in Empathy’s approach to limited physical format. For the true heads and label supporters, 25 high quality handmade 180-gram vinyl records are being produced locally at Disc Archive Berlin, with no repress. Digital format will be available through Bandcamp and other online retailers.

On the concept of Empathy, Pris and Deejay Astral said: "In an increasingly cold and corporate world, music has lost emotion and meaning, becoming nothing more than a commodity that is consumed, sold and often forgotten. Human attention is driven by online algorithms. Our data is stored, and the machine becomes increasingly more intelligent, continuing to control our future emotions and desires, enticing us deeper into the netscape. Empathy explores this relationship between the creator, the controller and the digital free world."

Buy New Babylon here.


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