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Micah Manaitai croons softly to our hearts in "She Calls Me The Moon" [Video]

All too often, we get lost in the fold of neon nights with their thrumming beats and piercing drops. But when the morning comes, we thirst for something soothing to quench our souls and rejuvenate our spirits in its enveloping warmth. Micah Manaitai's latest single "She Calls Me The Moon" is the burning sage we crave, cleansing our crippled energies with a love ballad for the ages. Its official video- premiering here today- highlights the influential people in Manaitai's life, as well as heart-palpitating moments of pure audial pleasure. 

The beauty in Manaitai's music is quite simply the music itself. Recognizing that, the video expertly hones in on a live recording of "She Calls Me The Moon", floating between shots of Manaitai and band's emotive performance and the proclaimed love interest in her contented thoughts. Speaking about the video, Manaitai shares that "This video was the opportunity for me to work with a group of people I've thought for a long time could make something special. Using the crew to come up with the vision for the video was a joy of a process, something I'll value a lot as I continue to make music and work with other creatives, growing each release into something larger than just a song. " 

The track itself is a soulful classic, gently rolling over a bed of slow percussions, tender keys, and a humming bass-line. Manaitai's vocals are carefully restrained, smoothing over any edges with their impassioned inflections. On the surface, it's a song about love, but beneath, it's a song about so much more. "I wrote this song in tribute to a connection with someone beyond romance, even friendship for that matter", Manaitai explains, "It's a loving relationship seated in respect, appreciation, and admiration. The love I'm talking about in the song is similar to the experience of a divine or unconditional love. There's a lot of power in the "she" pronoun and its relationship to that type of love and it was important for me to explore that.”

Bridging his two small worlds of hometown St. Louis and Guam (where he was born) together in soulful, contemporary compositions, Micah Manaitai is proving to not only be a masterful artist, but a beautiful storyteller as well. "She Calls Me The Moon" may be the first single to come out this year, but for our souls' sake, we hope it won't be the last. 

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