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Payton Odom brings laidback groove to "Hinterland"

Raised on a steady diet of Baptist hymns, old country, blues and Motown, singer-songwriter Payton Odom channels his creativity through a delivery of hazy soundscapes of soul and groove—an introspection of the intangible, emotional spaces where clear narratives and tidy refrains break free. As part of his recently released EP Sightlines, "Hinterland" brings forth Odom's soulful groove to the forefront with effortless ease and grace, painting a heartfelt narrative relatable to all. 

"Hinterland" opens strong, with Odom's smooth vocals taking front and centre. With plucked guitar warbles and spare horns weaving a reposed melody throughout, the Brooklyn-based producer ushers one into a beautiful stream of consciousness, weaving an emotive narrative through each and every word. While "Hinterland" is soft-spoken in tempo, the track is also fuelled by tinges of jazz. "I tend toward more down-tempo ballads and slow-going stuff, but I grew up on Motown," Odom says of his latest track. "I wanted to find a space where those two influences could bounce off each other." Indeed, the singer-songwriter has crafted an alluring piece of work that not only amplifies Odom's introspective sonic palette of jazz, soul and R&B, but also has laid the groundwork for future works to come.


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R&B · Soul


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