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Husky Loops drift through Peckham night life in new video

In the age of social media where we usually only see the extravagant highlights of friends’ social lives without any mention of life’s messiness that goes on in between posts, it’s easy to feel left out. It’s a perspective that doesn’t get much attention but Husky Loops has changed that with their latest single “Everyone is Having Fun Fun Fun But Me.” The track is taken from the Italian-born, London-based trio’s forthcoming album I CAN’T EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH, which is set for release on August 16 via Danger Mouse’s label 30th Century Records.

The single is accompanied by a fitting video directed by Tom Ringsby that features a late night stroll through the streets of Peckham as the protagonist navigates his way through the after hours milieu. The video borrows its street-walking inspiration from The Verve’s contemplative “Bittersweet Symphony,” which itself was a nod to Massive Attack’s “Unfinished Sympathy.” Husky Loops offer definitively original music, however, with a driving drum beat, punchy bass line, and swirling production that provides a fascinatingly upbeat contrast to their introspective lyrics. “Everyone is Having Fun Fun Fun But Me” prove successful in delivering engaging music while also giving voice to feelings that are too often pushed aside.


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