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Passport Rav and Napoleon Da Legend talk about "Malcolm on Twitter"

Passport Rav's newest record "Malcolm on Twitter" pays tribute to famed American Muslim minister and human rights activist Malcolm X (whose birthday we recently celebrated, May 19th). Over his own solemn production, Rav teams up with fellow emcee Napoleon Da Legend to have an interesting discussion regarding the late civil rights leader. The duo reimagines Malcolm X and his peers in this modern era of social media and how things might play out online.  Napoleon adds his own 2 cents into the matter as he acknowledges the collective narcissism and insecurities that many exude via the internet.

Knowing how tumultuous the political climate is at the moment, we can only guess how people would react to tweets by Malcolm X or even Martin Luther King in this day and age. Would they be considered dated/pass their prime and how much influence would they have? It's definitely an interesting situation to witness as we all know how social media can be the gift and the curse but the main question he poses to us is Would 'black twitter' support or hate?.

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