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Nick Vivid bounces back to life in "Ricochet" [Video]

Nick Vivid is a true testament to New York City's culture, talent, and ever-changing mood. His time in the city led him on to pursue divergent musical ventures ranging from engineering to performing, and he's dabbled in genres such as funk, rock, hip-hop and everything in between. All of these experiences and nights spent performing have led him to this- the release of his newest album Blissed Out. The lead track "Ricochet" is a nod to the modern psych rock sound with a pithy hook that only gets more infectious as you keep listening. The starkly coloured visuals- premiering here today- were conceived and edited by Vivid himself, further perpetuating his dedication to the craft and most importantly, to his vision.

Shot on a concrete playground, it's impossible to tear your eyes away from this video. Perhaps it's the funky white bellbottoms, or the flashing lights, or the irresistible dance moves. Whatever it is, Nick Vivid has it. "Ricochet" teases with a swirling, hazy synth-laden intro, which is then quickly subdued by rhythmic drumming and a bass-line so funky, you can smell it. Vivid uses this atmospheric bed of sounds as the foundation for his mantra: "All that matters is I came back/No matter what it took to get here." Speaking about the song and the personal meaning, Vivid shares that "[it's] about feeling the cards are stacked against you in life, being under the assumption you're going to fail, and going for it anyway as if you're going to win."

With this newfound perspective, "Ricochet" is the ultimate declaration of his devotion to the music scene, and ultimately to the city. He celebrates with a closing distorted guitar solo worthy of any arena or stadium. It's been a long and sometimes harrowing journey for Nick Vivid, but all that truly matters is that he's still here. You can purchase tickets to watch him perform at Berlin in New York City tonight right here

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