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LIZ LOKRE shares a powerful mantra of independence on the empowering “Help Myself” [Video]

In the pursuit of healing, it can be so easy to get caught up in the trap of filling voids with temporary fixes. There is a process to healing, and if you get distracted from the root cause, you can be left with even more scars. LIZ LOKRE has lived, learned, and used her reflections to come to a major realization on “Help Myself”: no long-lasting change can happen without helping oneself first. Before you can save anyone else, you need to grant yourself that same mercy.

Walking in her truth, LOKRE has taken a step back to comprehend the bigger picture. Realizing that she is the only one responsible for her own personal growth, LOKRE challenges the quota of reliance on a crutch and channels independence from within.

“Help Myself” is the essential anthem for all those ready to take responsibility for their own self-care. Performed through dance, the video for “Help Myself” captures LOKRE’s dedication to the exploration of her inner strength.

The empowering narrative of “Help Myself” is contrasted with a down to earth acoustic feel, sprinkled with unassuming guitar progressions from Toronto’s Adrian X and the angelic backing vocals of LOKRE and London’s Ryan Ashley. Despite its simplicity, “Help Myself” remains potent and resonates boldly without the need for any punchy snares or pop filters. With vocal ferocity, LOKRE makes it clear that she has taken control of her future at the helm and is steering it towards the liberation of all things that previously held her back.

More than just a tune, “Help Myself” is a universal ode to healing. Complementing the theme of self-care, LOKRE has rung in the new single with the #HelpMyself campaign in honour of Mental Health Awareness month. For every post on self-care with the #HelpMyself hashtag, $1 will be donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association. Learn more about the #HelpMyself campaign here.

“Help Myself” reminds us that putting ourselves first is the unselfish prerequisite for healing. Find inspiration to move forward without looking back in LOKRE’s video for “Help Myself” above.

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Cover photo by Aja Hitomi

Acoustic · Indie · Minimal RnB · R&B


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