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Jamestown Revival deliver an ethereal performance in new folk-rock track "Who Hung The Moon" [Premiere]

The guys in Jamestown Revival are no strangers to painting a lush landscape in their beautifully harmonized brand of folk-rock, but they have found new colors to paint with on their newest track "Who Hung The Moon", which is premiers here on EARMILK today.

The track is a gorgeously crafted crooning tune that lyrically reflects on the bigger questions in life that band members Johnathan Clay and Zach Chance have. “It’s so rare that we take the time to look up at the stars anymore. To contemplate our existence or our significance in an ever-expanding universe," shares Chance. "It’s about feeling so small but being swept up in a beautiful moment of intimacy and joy. It’s about appreciating how significant a moment can be in a lifetime but also recognizing how small it is in comparison to the great expanse of the universe and time. The contrast is daunting but so beautifully human.”
An effortless vocal harmonization washes over you as the light guitar strum dances playfully in the backdrop of this starry-eyed folk melody. The "Oohs" at the end breathe a soul-lifting feeling into the track that wraps you in a warm embrace. The final product is a mesmerizing track that's both beautifully crafted and earnest at its core. 
The song is set to be released on the Austin duo's third record, San Isabel, which will be available via Thirty Tigers on June 14th.
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