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Indie pop act The Kelseys find the remedy to "This Life"

Michigan indie quartet The Kelseys materialize with their first single of the year "This Life". It’s a spryly endeavor with its electric pulse on ‘80s-pop-inspired accents. “This Life” is the pop-rockers first track since their 2018 debut EP Summer Light. The new song also serves as the initial offering to their forthcoming sophomore EP So Little To Say.

“This Life” places the group in this soon-to-be transitional stage of spring to summer, where things are becoming livelier and brighter. It’s a tune in full bloom with sonic hooks and vivacious arrangements bringing listeners into a new season of creating the best memories possible. These four full-time college students are taking serious notes from classic Two Door Cinema Club beats that propel “This Life” into a soundsphere occupied by invigorating tones and inspired energy. In the end, this 4-minute venture embodies vitality and charm to last you throughout the season.

“After completing work on our first EP, Summer Light, we wanted to expand our breadth. To think more about every line. To make songs that were clever and meaningful and lasting even if they weren’t heard or understood that way," they say on their new single. "But, above all, we wanted them to be fun. We wanted them to be easy. And ‘This Life’ is that. Lyrically, ‘This Life’ examines concepts of dialogue and understanding. ‘This Life’ questions the obstacles that we impose on our own growth - our biases, our unfounded beliefs, our personal history. In contrast, ‘This Life’ questions the pressure to have answers for our surroundings. In the opening lines, the treatise of the song is made clear: ‘hellbent/ on a life spent/ knowing all the answers.’”

The four-piece act is comprised of Josh Cukier, Evan Dennis, Peter Kwitny, and Liam O’Toole. They first came on the scene with their 2017 debut single "Head Over Heels" followed by the indie-rock focused effort "Beyond Repair’" It was in September 2018 that the group introduced four new songs to make up their first EP, Summer Light. Look out for their promising sophomore EP So Little to Say this summer.

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