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Gaffa Tape Sandy discuss mental health on "Headlights"

Coinciding with Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, rock trio Gaffa Tape Sandy openly discuss the importance of communication and mental health on uplifting "Headlights". 

Released by their newly appointed label Alcopop! Records, the band from the East of England are beacons of light in the rock world. Featuring vocals from Kim Jarvis and Catherine Lindley-Neilson, the band's sincere message isn't lost among their playful guitar-laden melodies. With a fun, memorable beat and punk-esque riffs, Gaffa Tape Sandy are a band capturing the imagination of many.

Supported by a high-spirited video which captures the fun-loving trio, "Headlights" is a song which, despite encompassing a hugely important message, is simply fun. How else are we supposed to learn and internalise messages of self-love and mental health if they're not spread in a fun, eccentric and memorable way? 

"Sometimes a bad day feels like the end of the world, you don’t need to justify why, it just does. Sadness needs no justification, it can emerge aggressively like a snarling beast or it can roll over you slowly like a dark rain cloud. Talking about sadness and emotional issues is so immensely important in this stupid idiot world," says lead singer Kim Jarvis.

"And it's this stupid idiot world which provided us with more than enough inspiration for this song, and it’s spectacular music video that was created by Callum Scott-Dyson. We had the honour of working with this enormously talented animator to make the video, which shows just how crazy and unfair the human brain can be. Bad days might make you feel like demons are chasing your head into the clouds, but we hope this serves as some kind of reminder that it's okay to tell people about these demons”.

"Headlights" is a superb track from these UK rockers, spreading love with punk riffs is a great power to withhold. Hopefully we'll all see a lot more of that on the band's upcoming Family Mammal EP released on 26th July. 

Tracklisting of Family Mammal:

1) Beehive
2) Meat Head 
3) My Desperate House 
4) Headlights 
5) So Dry
6) Dinner Jacket
7) Turnstile 
8) Kill The Chord

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