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Maison Ware shows us we shine the brightest "In The Dark"

Following up on his debut single "Control" and the intoxicating follow-up "Hypnotize", enigmatic producer Maison Ware continues to fulfill his prophecy with "In The Dark", marking it as the third instalment in a compilation of dark and brooding bass tracks.

"The dark is where we are at our best," the producer shares. "When we believe that no one is watching, our creativity flourishes, free from the opinions of bystanders." And amidst the dark, Maison Ware dominates, maintaining his free-reign on the caliginous notes that are signature to his sound. Continuing to draw influences from Japanese culture, secret societies and immersive club music, the producer reels us with his cunning usage of industrial bass and infectious vocal hooks, molding a compelling aura of futuristic punk. The weighty soundscape is a bubbling pot of tension, propelled by haunting synth waves that only further cement his intriguing talents.


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