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Exnations show off their sad-pop greatness in "Tether" [Video]

There is something to be said for finding pleasure in melancholy. Brooklyn indie-pop band Exnations embodies this surprisingly gratifying feeling in their music, creating stirring pieces that exemplify what they like to call "sad pop". Their newest single "Tether" epitomizes the warm nostalgia of love-filled memories while tinged with the poignant fear that those memories won't pave the way to the future. The purposefully coloured video- premiering here today- cloaks the song in a gentle purple haze, softening where there are edges, and brightening where there is dimness. 

Interpolated into the video are images of various circles, tying back to the song's theme of tying a tether and forming a completed circle by coming together. The band's three members are then seen wandering the streets on their phones, in a subtle commentary to the modern reality of navigating through endless apps to find love. Exnations shares with us that their primary focus for the video was always to remain genuine: "In the era of meeting your next love interest on Instagram and dating apps (especially in the queer world), finding the seemingly perfect "one" online is just the usual. We wanted to use first person camera shots to depict the tension and excitement before the first real hangout. And then showing the moments when you feel like you're in a blissful little bubble with this new person you're falling for." 

"Tether's" effervescent synths maintain a steady tempo throughout the track, lending their support to the soulful lyrics. The song then breaks in a guitar-laden climax, as our senses are ignited with sentiments ranging from wistful to euphoric. It's a fitting sound to fill their forthcoming sophomore EP, Pink Haze,  which was inspired by the warm halcyon embrace of nostalgia. With its release on June 28th, fans can expect to catch Exnations on tour at select cities this summer: 

July 6th- Cincinatti, OH- Top Cats
July 7th- St. Louis, MO- Fubar
July 8th- Kansas City, MO- Recordbar
July 10th- Milwaukee, WI- Miramar Theatre
July 11th- Cleveland, OH- The Foundry Concert Club
July 12th- Pittsburgh, PA- Black Forge Coffee House
July 13th- Brooklyn, NY- Gold Sounds

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