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Raveena celebrates "Mama" and many other immigrant mothers on soulful video

The angelic croon and soulful blend of Raveena seems to always shine a light on the underrepresented. Cultivating emotions through her signature R&B, dream haze, the New York-based artist celebrates her mother on latest ballad, "Mama." Fittingly released for Mother's Day, "Mama" explores the woman before entering motherhood.

Intimate from the start, Danica Kleinknecht's direction features passing memories from Raveena. Home movies circulate and focus on Raveena's mother on her wedding day, weaving in and out, from past to present. Raveena narrates delicately over a hushed acoustic and soulful production with stirring emotional, meditative lyrics: "I will always wonder / Who you really were before me / What did you lose? / I hope, nothing too soon."

Yet, the magic of the video doesn't stop at Raveena's own family. Featuring first and second generation immigrant families, the portrayal of strength and love dances from each scene back to Raveena's silky vocals. As a result an homage to immigrant mothers becomes a focal point of the video. 

"Immigrant mothers are so strong, and I felt like I needed to write a song about my own strong and creative immigrant mama," explains Raveena. 

Penned from a loving and grateful stance, the video sees Raveena in continuous awe as she consumes her mother's image with eyes of adoration and curiosity. Gorgeously shot and carefully crafted, "Mama" becomes an open love-letter that highlights the artist's direction of conceiving meaningful music. 

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