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NASAYA’s “PATTERNS” featuring Sara Diamond is a soulful triumph

NASAYA has released "PATTERNS" a silky smooth single, featuring Sara Diamond on vocals. 

Born and raised on the curious Reunion Island, the now Los Angeles-based NASAYA draws artistic influence from his upbringing. The island, quaintly nestled outside of Madagascar, is an ethnically diverse region home to a range of world cultures that define NASAYA’s sound. .

A spectacular blend of classic rock, jazz, R&B, and indie-electronic, “PATTERNS” is a smooth configuration of funky rhythms and electronic accents. With a stand-out feature from Sara Diamond, this incredible track stands as the first single to be released on RAC and Goldroom’s newly founded label Minerva. A seductive sway prompts sara’s soulful vocals to reign high atop layers of buttery production. Enchanting guitar licks bleed into digital frequencies, defending the track’s ability to avoid contemporary cliches. Inspired by Tame Impala, this NASAYA original is a success that paves the way for the future of Minerva Music.

Connect with NASAYA: Soundcloud | Spotify | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter



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